Patios, Slabbing & Paving.  We offer a wide range of patio, slabbing and paving ideas and designs, We understand a patio, slabbing or paving can be expensive so we work with the custormer to ensure they get excactly what they want. All materials use in a project are the highest Quality making sure your getting the best possible finished job. Compaction of the soil and hardcore under the patios, slabbing and paving is one of the most important things of the job so the right machinery must be used, we have all the proper machinery.   

Heavy Duty Slabbing 
Buff Paving 
Indian Sandstone Design 
Stone Paving on steps 
Different colour ideas for Paving 
Patio design 
Yorkstone Paving 
Limestone Paving 
Driveway Constructed with Heavy Duty Slabs 
Different coloured natural Paving 
Saxon paving for a Patio 
Patio circle design 
Indian Sandstone Paving 
Indian Paving for a Patio 


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