Damp Proofing & Timber Treatments  There can be many reasons for Damp appearing in your house ( Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp, Condensation). Some mis diagnose Rising Damp for condensation this meaning over charging the customer, We have all the right equipment and knowledge to diagnose the right approach for which sort of Damp proofing is right for your property. Damp proofing needs to be done by a approved contractor, we are approved contractors for Dryzone which is the best Damp proofing supplier in the country so because were using the best materials you ll be getting the best job. At A.C Building Services we use 2 main methods for treating Rising Damp, 1= Traditional Sand/Cement/waterproofer method ( Which is the more messy method ) and 2= The newer method , Salt neutralising, sealing, plasterboard etc method ( The less messier method ), but both come with a 25 Year Guarantee. We chop off at least a meter of affected plaster before we inject with dryzone then the chosen plastering method is done. We understand it is a messy job and try our best to cause as little up heaval to your property. 

Stages of damp proofing 
Rising damp treated / cured 
Plasterboard damp proofing method 
Skirting board fitted, room cleaned 
Damp proofing done ready for skirting to be fitted 
Damp cured, when plaster is dried ready for paintng 
Another Damp proofing job finished 
Affected walls been damp proofed 


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